The search for answers…🛀

As I anxiously awaited my appointment, the thought that anything could be seriously wrong never entered my mind.  I thought it would just be something that would go away-boy was I wrong.  When my primary doctor came into the room I told her my symptoms, which at the time only consisted of slight discomfort during bowl movements and blood.  She examined me rectally-which was less than comfortable and said she thought it could be an internal hemorrhoid that was bleeding.  But to be sure she referred me to a specialist in La Jolla.  So I left that day not feeling any sense of urgency to the situation.  When I received the referral to go to the specialist in La Jolla, I made the appointment as quickly as I could (no more than a few days after seeing my primary doctor).  I walked into the appointment hoping to find answers, and boy was I wrong.  This doctor’s “office” looked more like an at home office, with a plethora of ebay auction items, than an actual doctors office.  There were vintage guitars and what looked to be like a 1970’s old brown examination chair (which clearly was only there for looks).  After I explained my symptoms he suggested we do a sigmoidoscopy-and in the same breath he said, “But I’m going to Germany for 10 days so we’ll have to wait until I get back.”  I walked out of that office thinking what a total idiot this guy must be if he thinks I’m going to wait 10+ days for him to get back from his vacation (all the while bleeding rectally).  I couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy, needless to say I left that office and never went back to him again. 

As we all know by now, stress can certainly affect Ulcerative Colitis-and after leaving Dr. Idiots office I was beyond stressed out.  It was as if no one in my life was taking me or symptoms seriously.  So the next day I went to the Emergency Room at Balboa hospital, I thought that quite possibly I may be able to get some assistance-NOPE!  Only to get a scope shoved up my bum and be told to come see a “specialist” on Monday. I was also told that the following day I would receive a phone call to schedule the appointment for Monday-all day Friday I waited for a call that would never come.  So as the weekend passed, I called the specialist early Monday morning. At which time she explained that it must have been an oversight.  I made the appointment for the very next day. And when I sat down with the third doctor of the week, the remedy they gave me (which still to this day blows my mind) was beyond ludacris.  After telling them I have been bleeding rectally for about half a month consistently-their remedy was to do sitz baths three times a day!  Looking back now, I can’t believe I allowed them to provide me with this solution. If I could give anyone advise, it’s if your bleeding demand a colonoscopy-that’s it.  Simple.  Might I mention that after 2 weeks of sitz baths their next idea was to increase my fiber intake.  Now we’re in the beginning of March, and my little amounts of blood went from slight to moderate and adding fiber to my diet was like pouring gasoline onto hot embers.  Which at this point had sent me into a full blown flare.


One thought on “The search for answers…🛀

  1. Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry how hard you had to battle just to get a basic test that you deserve. You are so brave not only in your dealings with the medical system but in your everyday life and in publishing this blog hopefully if this blood can accomplish one thing is to have people stand up for themselves when they need help for the medical system


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