The Sooner the Better! 👍👍

As I returned to my job at the end of February, it became increasingly difficult to be at work and continually bleed.  However, at this time I was waiting for yet another Doctor’s appointment at the end of March.  I received a referral from my primary doctor who said this doctor was the only one she trusted and that I should really look into seeing him.  When I called to make the appointment, I had lost hope that this Doctor would be anymore helpful than the previous handful of Doctors that I had already seen.  Much to my surprise, I arrived at Dr. Lee’s office at Pomerado Hospital where I was taken seriously for the first time.  He listened to what I had to say, and could see the look of panic and pain in my eyes.  His response to my symptoms,”When is the soonest you can do a colonoscopy?”  My reply was “The soonest you can schedule one.”  As I recall, my first appointment was on a Thursday and just a few short days later on April 2, 2014 I would have my first colonoscopy where I would find out some answers.  Finally, I thought, my mind would be put at ease after months of not knowing what was wrong.



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